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1 Assessment Of Health Promoting Lifestyle Practices And Mental Health Status Among Apparently Healthy Undergraduate Students Of A Premier Indian University During The COVID-19 Lockdown

Author: 1Dr. Anita Gupta, 2Dr. Ravindran Revand
2 Preparedness And Awareness About Handling Medical Emergencies In Dentistry

Author: 1Dr. Shireen Mann, 2Dr. Gurpreet Kaur, 3Dr. Deeksha Ahuja Jhatta
3 Association Of Inflammasomes In Pathogenesis Of Periodontal Disease: A Review

Author: 1Dr. Neelam Gavali, 2Dr. Pradnya Jadhav, 3Dr. Shubhangi Rajbhoj, 4Dr. Nishita Bhosale,5Dr. Shweta Bhole, 6Dr. Shashwat Thombare
4 Clinical And Biochemical Profile Of Sepsis Patients Admitted In MICU (Medical Intensive Care Unit) And Medical Wards

Author: 1Dr. Lavanya Chinni, 2Dr. Madhulika Mahadhabde, 3Dr. Gaurav Chaudhary, 4Dr. Lakshmi Siddhi Kolaparthi, 5Dr. Nethula Sai Sanketh
5 Serum Magnesium Levels In Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus And Its Correlation With HbA1C

Author: 1Dr. Pramod Meena, 2Dr. Sujata Agarwal, 3Dr. Shashi Bhushan Sharma,3Dr. Shashi Bhushan Sharma,5Dr. Vinay Kumar Meena, 6Dr Jitendra Kumawat
6 Hantavirus “Next In Line Of Biologic Warfare”

Author: 1Dr. Deeksha Ahuja Jhatta, 2Dr. Gurpreet Kaur, 3Dr. Navneet Kaur, 4Dr. Mukund Khushu
7 Incidence, Risk Factors, Clinical Profile And Outcome Of Invasive Candidiasisin Intensive Care Unit Of Tertiary Care Hospital

Author: 1Dr. Bharat Sing D. Rathod,
8 Study On Clinical Spectrum Of Hyponatremia In Hospitalised Patients

Author: 1Dr. P.V. Kalyan Kumar, 2Dr. Y. Vivekanand, 3Dr. K. Hemasundar
9 A Study Of Prevalence Of Metabolic Syndrome In Subjects With Central Obesity

Author: 1Dr. P.V. Kalyan Kumar, 2Dr. Y. Vivek Anand, 3Dr. K. Hemasundar
10 Phytochemical Evaluation Of The Leaves Of Clerodendrum Paniculatum Linn.

Author: 1M.U. Jiji Mohan, 2Dr. T. Shri Vijaya Kirubha, 3Dr. R. Senthamarai,
11 Hyper Bilirubin Anemia Due To Minor Blood Group (Anti-Kell) Incompatibility In A Newborn: A Case Report

Author: 1Dr. N. Ahjiej, 2Dr. S. Saghir, 3Dr. M. kmari, 4Dr. A. Ourrai, 5Dr. A.Hassani, 6Dr. R. Abilkassem, 7Dr. A. Agader
12 Comparative Study Of Antioxidant Activity And Hepatoprotective Activity Of Ethanolic Extract Of Leaves, Bark And Phytosomes Of Bombax Ceiba Against Ccl4 Induced Hepatotoxicity In Rats

Author: 1Dr. Sarita Karole, 2Dr. Sonu Sharma
13 Impact On Progression-Free Survival By Mutational Profile Of KRAS In Advanced Colon Cancer With Bevacizumab In Mexican Population

Author: 1Dr. Guzmán-Casta Jordi, 2Dr. Riera-Sala Rodrigo Fernando, 3Rubio-Cordero Jairo Aaron, 4Dr. Téllez-Campos Lucía, 5Dr. Martínez-Nutes Hector, 6Dr. Escobar-Gómez Mario, 7Dr. Carrasco - Cara Chards Sonia, 8Dr. Guzmán-Huesca Jorge, 9Martínez-Vega Rocío Pamela, 10Dr. González-Araujo Andrea. 11Dr. Hernández-DehesaItzel Ariadna, 12Dr. Domínguez Ayala Adriana, 13Dr. Correa-Cano Rafael, 14Dr. Elvira-Fabián Karina, 15Dr. López -Vrátný Claudia
14 Percutaneous Pinning Of Distal Radial Fractures, Our Experience

Author: 1Dr. Ansarul Haq Lone, 2Dr. Obaid Ashraf, 3Dr. Mehmood Ul Hassan Mufti,
15 A Case Series On Tropical Pulmonary Eosinophilia Misdiagnosed As Miliary Tuberculosis

Author: 1Dr. Sanchit Mohan, 2Dr Vishwanath Pujari, 3Dr Priti L Meshram, 4Dr Rohit Hegde
16 Study Of Electrocardiography And Echo Cardiography Changes In Alcoholic Liver Disease And Its Correlation With Liver Function Tests

Author: 1Dr. Gangadharam Kanchi,2Dr. Madhulika Mahashabde, 3Dr. Gaurav Chaudhary, 4Dr. Siddharth Singh, 5Dr. Laxmi Siddhi Kolaparthi
17 Nasal Carriage Of MRSA And Antibiogram In Healthcare Workers Of A Tertiary Care Hospital

Author: 1Dr. Keerthi A M, 2Dr. Mamatha P Samaga,
18 Cases On Lorazepam Induced Delirium

Author: Dr. Nidhi Jain
19 Post – COVID- 19 Rethinking For A Synergic Vision Of Health Care

Author: Dr. Peeyush Trivedi
20 Pharmacognostical Investigation On Leaves Of Citrus Limetta Risso

Author: 1 V. Arun Nivas, 2Dr. R. Senthamarai, 3Dr. A.M. Ismail, 4Dr. T. Shri Vijaya Kirubha
21 Source Of Funding Of Out Of Pocket Expenditure Of Cancer Treatment: A Study From A Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital Of India

Author: 1Abas Khan, 2Farooq A Jan, 3Haroon Rashid, 4Dr. Arshad Manzoor Najmi, 5Dr. Imtiyaz Ahmed Wani

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