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International Journal of Medical Science and Applied Research(IJMSAR)

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Volume 2 - 2019 Issue 6


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1 Neuro-Ectodermic Tumor Primitive: About A Rare Case with A Parotid Location

Author: M. Elbejnouni, M Khorassani, M.Oudrhiri, A Kili, L. Hssissen, M. Kababri, M. Khattab
2 Juvenile Myelomonocyte Leukemia Associated with Type 1 Neuro fibromatosis with Late Revelation: About a case in a hematology and oncology unit of the Rabat child hospital

Author: M. Elbejnouni, M Khorassani, Ltami, A Kili, L. Hssissen, M. Kababri, M. Khattab
3 Cutis Marmorata Telangiectatica Congenitale with Neonatal Revelation

Author: M. Elbejnouni, A Barakat
4 Survey on awareness about Hybrid Cement and Screw Retained Implant Prosthesis among the Dental students and Dental practitioners

Author: 1Dr.B.Eeswaran, 2Dr.RathikaRai, 3Nalini, 4Uzma quonain
5 Congenital Pulmonary Malformation: About a Case of Congenital Cystic Adenomatoid Malformation

Author: Dr. Amassas, A. Barakat
6 A Role of Kanchanara Shunthi Kwatha in the Management of Dhatwagnimandya W.S.R. to Hypothyroidism

Author: Dr. Meenakshi Gautam, Dr. Udai Raj Saroj, Dr. Ajay Sahu
47 - 50
7 Prevalence, Risk Factors and Complications in Hypertensive Patients in Warangal Region

Author: D.Nagajyothi1, D.Sudheer kumar2, P Kishore1*
8 Awareness of Orthodontic Treatment among General Dentist and Other Non-Orthodontic Specialist

Author: 1Dr. Mythriyee B G, 2Dr. Poorna Devadoss,3Dr. Karthikeyan
9 Recent Advancement of Discosomes in Ocular Drug Delivery

Author: 1Shah Zeel, 2Patel Bhavisha
10 Erectile Dysfunction Drug as Efficacious In Heart Failure Treatment

Author: 1Prayash Pancholi, 2Sushil Yadav, 3Hardik Rajput, 4Darshan Patel, 5Nil Patel, 6Bhavisha Patel
11 To Evaluate the Dimensional Stability of Alginate Using Normal Saline At Varied Time Intervals an In Vitro Study

Author: 1Dr. Mohammed Ibrahim, 2Dr. Raj Vikram.N., 3Dr. Poorna Devadoss., 4Dr. Karthikeyan.,M.K., 5Dr. Skanda Ramesh., 6Dr.K.S. Ashwin
12 Newer Mini Implant Guide For Correct Positioning of Tad’s

Author: 1Dr. Lingesh kumar, 2Dr. Ramyathilagam,3Dr. Ramachandra Prabhakar, 4Dr. Raj Vikram, 5Dr. Saravanan
13 Evaluation of Patient’s Compliance, Cost Effectiveness, Satisfaction, Esthetics and Speech Problems with Removable Retainers- A Questionnaire Study

Author: 1Dr.Francy Teena.S, 2Dr.Aishwarya.K,3Dr. Ashwin.K.S, 4Dr. Poorna Devadoss
14 Blood-ocular breakdown using Nanoparticle

Author: 1Namami Rathod, 2Bhavisha Patel

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